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Property management apps

Efficient property management software should automate cumbersome processes, reduce paperwork, and simplify cooperation between tenants and property owners, customers, and sales. Build a reliable platform to manage properties, business operations, finances, and more.

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PropTech web and mobile apps

Real estate professionals can become more effective when armed with the right technology. Luckily, it’s now possible to fulfill your most complex needs. Digitize your services, improve customer experience, and simplify the purchasing process with custom mobile and web apps that seamlessly integrate with other solutions.


Real estate listing

Simplicity, convenience, and accessibility - these words best describe the expectations of tenants and homebuyers that are exploring alternatives. Create an intuitive custom-built application or platform for showcasing properties, allowing users to filter, view, and book the preferred options.

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Financial transaction processing

Lending, rental, and mortgage transactions will only benefit from digital transformation. Develop software that will support secure multi-currency getaways, categorize receipts, calculate tax, insurance, manage expenses, and connect all the information directly to tenant or property records.

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Property reports and analytics

Data is necessary to make informed decisions. With the right software, you can spot new opportunities and see what's important for you and your clients. Build a platform that will help you visualize and process data while making communication with tenants more efficient.


Contract signing

Your business can be more effective if the operations run smoothly and are easy to follow. Online contract signing will simplify the customer journey and optimize their experience. Our engineers will help you choose the right contract management tool and make it a part of your custom platform.

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Leverage innovation to transform your business

Bridge the gap between you and your clients by bringing the most complex solutions to life, from the idea straight into the market. With the right technology in place, property companies can become disruptors in their industry without diluting their focus from their core competencies. Here at ORIL, we rely on our PropTech expertise to design the best software, systems, and services for the real estate sector.

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More efficient workflow

The efficiency of your business will improve once the users will be able to work in the system from day one. Providing both feature-rich and easy-to-use solutions is a priority for our designers and engineers.

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Scalability, big time

Following industry trends is crucial for building scalable products that will take your company to the next level. Our product designers and business analysts stay on top of the industry changes to achieve the best results for every client.

UI Designs

Opportunities from digital channels

Real estate apps and web products open up new growth opportunities that would otherwise be unreachable for your organization. You can maximize your ROI and grow significantly by tapping into new audiences.

Why choose ORIL as your software development partner?


Proven experience

Our engineers create high-performing solutions that help businesses automate operations, save costs, and gain substantial financial benefits. With years of experience developing software specifically for PropTech, we know how to bring maximum value to our clients.


Alignment with your business needs

Here at ORIL, we follow some of the most efficient industry practices. We use Agile methodology for working on client projects, so regular code reviews, continuous integration, and similar practices are integral elements of our workflow.


Trustful communication

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. ORIL development team will inspire you with ideas and offer suggestions on how to improve your product. You will also maintain ongoing communication with everyone helping you meet your business needs.


Top-notch technology expertise

ORIL is an expert at implementing complex and specific functionality to advance your business growth. PropTech organizations can rely on our team in building cutting-edge financial solutions.


Reliability and information security

Our solutions are built in compliance with the global PropTech regulations, and further enhanced with data encryption, tokenization, and blockchain technologies to keep your business data safe and secure.

Building Solutions that Work

We make things happen. Always. Our high-powered tech experts set up the entire development processes, detect problems, and solve them.

Smarta Web Platform



#UI/UX Design


Smarta platform connects college student renters and property managers making the completely online process of discovering and leasing off-campus housing properties smooth and easy.

Smarta Web Platform

Real Estate Bidding Platform





The company offers a PropTech service that transparently connects all parties in a real estate transaction to attract better offers and quicker closings. They provide a user-friendly service that modernizes the home buying and selling experience by allowing sellers to interact and manage home sales directly via a web-based platform.

Real Estate Bidding Platform

Rentometer Batch Processor Application





Rentometer collects, analyzes, and distributes multifamily and single-family rental price data throughout the US.

Rentometer Batch Processor Application
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