Surveillance Management

Addressing the need to combine multiple security feeds into a unified view while enabling remote monitoring and adjustment of security parameters to enhance surveillance and flexibility for security teams.

Managing Access and Visitor Flow

Tackling the challenge of centralizing and customizing access permissions for various personnel or residents, alongside simplifying the registration and tracking of visitors to ensure smooth check-in/check-out processes and improve overall property security.

Incident Reporting

Meeting the need for real-time alerts for unauthorized access or unusual activity and automating incident reporting and analysis to support swift responses and enhanced security strategies.

Proactive Maintenance

Overcoming the challenge of organizing and tracking maintenance schedules for security equipment to ensure optimal performance and reduce downtime, while effectively using data insights to deploy security personnel and resources for comprehensive property coverage.



01Conceptualization and Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive market analysis and explored existing property security management platforms to align our designs with the latest security demands and trends. Also, drawing on our expertise in property security, we used our experience in developing similar platforms. This laid the foundation for a product that anticipates and addresses the needs of organizations seeking comprehensive security management solutions.

02Design and Wireframing

In the design and wireframing phase, we translated our concepts into reality by outlining user flows and creating wireframes. This important step allowed us to refine our design concepts and functionalities, iterating carefully to enhance the envisioned user experience.

03Evaluation and Refinement

In the final stage, we carefully assessed our designs against strategic goals and industry benchmarks. We then made adjustments to ensure that our designs were both innovative and viable. This thorough process allowed us to refine the product, positioning it to deliver significant value to users and make a meaningful impact in the market.

UX Process

Our team employed a comprehensive planning and design strategy to ensure the product aligns with user needs. This involved analyzing other property security management platforms, fine-tuning our objectives, designing user flows, and creating wireframes.

UI Process

Navigation Panel

A top navigation panel provides quick access to key areas such as live camera feeds, incident logs, access control, and visitor management. This layout prioritizes ease of use and logical organization.

Interactive Map

An interactive map is centrally placed to help users visually monitor the property layout and security zones. Different color markers indicate active cameras, restricted areas, and access points.

Alert Icons

Custom alert icons denote security alerts, with distinct shapes and colors representing various types of incidents for immediate recognition.

Property Security Management

Main Features

Visitor Management
Envisioned as a robust feature for managing and tracking visitor information, this adds a crucial layer of security by monitoring site access.
GPS Mapping
Each report submission is augmented with GPS data, improving incident tracking and providing valuable context for security analysis and response.
Comprehensive Reporting
Imagines a suite of reporting features, including instant incident reports, customizable dashboards, and the option for client-branded communication, catering to diverse security management needs.
Real-Time Updates
Imagined functionality to ensure security personnel and management stay informed with the latest information, enhancing communication and response strategies.


Enhanced Surveillance

Consolidates all security camera feeds into a unified view, enabling comprehensive monitoring and quicker detection of potential security incidents.

Access Control

Centralizes control over access permissions, allowing administrators to manage entry points effectively and ensure only authorized individuals gain access.

Visitor Management

Streamlines the visitor check-in process, maintaining a clear record of all visitors and enhancing security through transparency.

Quick Incident Response

Facilitates swift response to security alerts with real-time notifications and detailed logs, enabling teams to address potential risks promptly.

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Helps manage and schedule security equipment maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality and reducing unexpected downtime.

Automated Incident Reporting

Automates incident reporting, making it easier to generate reports for analysis, audits, or compliance with regulatory standards.

Transform Property Security Operations

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