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6 experts: 3 software engineers, a UI/UX Designer, a PM, a QA engineer


3 years


Real estate


The client wanted to introduce a novice way for buyers to communicate directly to property owners and sellers. They approached us with an initial idea, and our team collaborated with the client to build an MVP and help launch a finished product.
The company partnered with ORIL to get assistance with:

  • Creation of mobile responsive web platform with simple and elegant interface designs to make it easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Build a transparent and user-friendly offer management process to make the home selling process effortless

Our Project Roadmap



Upon analyzing the client requirements for solution design and identifying the project scope, our team used an agile approach to create detailed user stories and develop functionality incrementally. We built an interactive MVP application that allowed homeowners and sellers to list a property and let buyers place offers. Integration with HelloSign service transformed the manual, paper-based contract process with modern and convenient e-signatures.

02Post MVP.

We enhanced the web solution to store all the related documents on the platform’s drive and share them via email or internally. Applying our expertise and proprietary approach to product UX design, ORIL provided an easy-to-use, feature-rich, mobile-friendly web application.

UX Process

ORIL team applied a thoroughly crafted planning and design process called Product Design Phase. This process is designed to maximize chances of delivering a product that satisfies core business objectives and is tuned for end-user’s convenience.
This process includes some of the following activities: competitive analysis, business-product objective prioritization, user flow creation, wireframing and prototyping.

Real Estate Bidding Platform

UI Process

ORIL’s design team worked closely with the customer and end users on choosing the right color palette, UI approach and overall look and feel of the product. The final UI design deliverables made a very complex and feature-rich product feel very light, friendly and accessible, while at the same time kept all of the platform functionality available within a few clicks.


Main Features


Transparent real-time bidding.

Buyers can start the process by submitting an offer with a credit card deposit and sign offer agreements from any device. Sellers then receive offers for review in real-time via email and text alerts. They can accept or reject offers and provide immediate feedback to interested buyers.


Documents storage.

Secure online storage is a handy way to manage all the signed documents by accessing the contracts page where all the contracts data is stored. Users can also share their documents related to the offer with any registered user or with a user outside the platform by using a shareable public link to view documents on the platform.


User-friendly offer management process.

Users can monitor the status of their offers and receive notifications when other offers have been submitted. The system gives sellers and buyers control over the sale process, allowing them to make offers, review them, accept or decline.



The system subscribes interested buyers to real-time text and email alerts when offers are submitted on a property of interest to sell on-the-market homes quickly.


Counter offer process.

It’s a novice and one-of-a-kind feature that enables potential buyers to communicate with sellers and negotiate counter offer details via the internal messaging system.



To make the buyers’ offers legally bound, we introduced the ability to sign them online via an e-sign third-party provider. We integrated the e-signing service that accelerated the deal closings, eliminated paper-based processes, and delivered a modern digital experience.



The platform allows sellers and homeowners to dictate pricing, set terms, and review all offers in a simple dashboard that will reveal the actual market value of their homes.


We built a revolutionary product in the real estate domain that provides a more transparent way of connecting buyers and sellers to generate offers on their property. The app is accessible even from low-end mobile devices. The PropTech product that we built speeds up the traditional property sale process with real-time capabilities.


active users per month on average


auctions held


real estate agencies use the platform for selling properties through an auction


Angular 12

Angular 12

Java 12

Java 12

Spring Boot

Spring Boot









Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Integrations - HelloSign, Stripe, Google Maps API, Twilio, SendGrid, Hubspot, Cloudinary, Segment
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