Why us?

The user is the superstar of every product we work on. They are always at the center of our efforts. We create super-functional, refined, and engaging products that meet and exceed expectations.

Interactive Prototypes

Integrated team

We approach every project holistically. In addition to the designers, business analysts, and project managers, we have our software engineers validate concepts early in the process.

Interactive Prototypes 2

Design for development

Our priority is to provide the best user experience possible. Our design deliverables are cross-platform and fit various screens, which enables very efficient development.


Proven and tested process

Over the years, we have come up with an effective and well-structured iterative process so that we can ensure a better understanding of the user and meet our clients’ goals.

Design-thinking approach

Design thinking brings together what’s in the best interest of users and what’s technically and economically feasible. It can change the way companies operate at every level, from developing strategies to creating full-blown solutions. We apply design thinking to build and implement all kinds of successful products for our clients.

01 Value Proposition Canvas (VPC).

Value Proposition Canvas is a diagram of the relationship between user’s needs and product’s value proposition.

  • Identifying core business objectives.
  • Systematization of business objectives.
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02 Competitive analysis.

Competitive Analysis is the process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own business, product, and service.

  • View into the competitive field, comparison to the product in question.
  • A chance to innovate.
  • Search for creative ways of approaching different core features.

03 User Roles.

User Roles is a part of Business Model Canvas, it is divided from it and used in our Product Design Phase to achieve better understanding of business to user and user to business relationship in terms of future product.

  • Creating & roles interactions.
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image 37

04 Jobs to be Done.

Jobs to be Done is a methodology that perceives each product as means for the user to get their objectives achieved.

  • Systematization of selected features.
  • Features can be improved while studying them under different circumstances.
  • Division of the system into integral parts
    (using Job Statements) has a positive impact on the next steps of design process.

05 User Flow.

User Flows or flowcharts are diagrams that display the complete path a user takes when using a product.

  • Outlays mechanisms of interaction between a system part and user in detail, a much-needed design artifact for unique/innovative parts of the system.
  • A technical artifact that helps explain interaction for various team members such as, but not limited to: Product Owners, UX/UI Designers, Software Developers, QA.
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06 Wireframes.

Wireframes is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a product.

  • Structure definition for all parts
    of the system.
  • Chance to iterate through design solutions quickly.

07 Prototype.

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process.

  • Ability to test out the system.
  • Interactivity of the system helps find ways to improve existing design.
  • Helps present the product to a broad non-technical crowd.
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08 UI Design.

User interface design or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software.

  • Making the product visually appealing for the users’ eyes.

How it works?


Other planning processes


We provide recommendations for the most suitable programming languages, frameworks, and testing tools for the development process, determine the product infrastructure, and make sure that our design allows for third-party services and integrations.

  • Infrastructure (Architecture concept / Preliminary infrastructure cost calculations).
  • List of technology recommendations: programming languages, databases, frameworks, and more.
  • Third-party integrations analysis and recommendations.
  • Application security strategy and recommendations.
  • Other project-specific technical recommendations.


Risks & assumptions registry

Your product is an innovation. As it happens when you create something new, it is hard to predict every single scenario. We don’t hide the risks from you. Rather, we want you to always be informed and therefore prepared for any situation.



User experience is one of our highest priorities. Each member of our design team collaborates to ensure your product is secure from the very first iteration. We review common threats and apply best practices for protecting the system against them.


Implementation recommendations

Our experts want to make sure that their ideas and your vision are implemented successfully once the design is complete. That’s why we provide recommendations on how to approach the development phase efficiently, backed by decades of expertise in this area.

  • Recommended team composition.
  • Project milestone breakdown.
  • Delivery time and cost estimates.


QA approach

Our job does not end with handing off the designs to the development team. We want to make sure the final product looks and works as intended. Before testing, we will review the coded version of the UI and work with the developers to make changes where necessary.

  • QA approach recommendations based on project requirements (Manual / Automated / System performance and load testing).
  • Static code analysis recommendations.
  • QA tools.

Building Solutions that Work

We make things happen. Always. Our high-powered tech experts set up the entire development processes, detect problems, and solve them.

LUCA App (Medibio)




#UI/UX Design


Medibio is a mental health technology company pioneering the use of objective measures to aid in the early detection and screening of mental health conditions. They offer mental wellbeing solutions for individuals through their new consumer app, LUCA and for businesses through our Corporate Health product, Ilumen. Medibio is also developing products to serve the healthcare provider market.

LUCA App (Medibio)




#UI/UX Design

A mobile app for online sneaker auctions where you can buy and place bids to participate and claim a reward in the loyalty section. Bid small and win big.


Automatic Web Platform



#UI/UX Design


Automatic platform is a paradigm shift for used car financing companies and auto dealerships, which streamlines the entire loan process, helps dealerships boost vehicle sales by reducing the funding and titling, and maintains transparency at every step.

Automatic Web Platform
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