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We enhance the sharing economy with robust marketplace software that streamlines transactions and connects clients to a diverse range of products and services.

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Marketplace Platform We Develop

Bidding Platforms

Leverage the power of online auctions to connect buyers and sellers, make more profit, and build your brand. Our experts will guide you through every step of the development process, from layout to feature design to test and launch.

Omnichannel E-commerce

Create a smooth and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints to increase sales and customer loyalty. A good omnichannel solution lets you pick up your customers where they left off and keep the conversation going in any way they prefer.

Listing Platforms

Build a comprehensive listing platform where users can find great products, services or even their next home. Our team will create a versatile solution with custom business logic perfectly tailored to your customers’ needs.

Variety Of Payment Gateway Providers

Protect your marketplace users with a robust payment gateway that will hold the funds in escrow, enable secure payments, and prevent fraud. Your preferred integrated payment options will satisfy the needs of your company and your customers.

Retail Software Development

Build a retail solution that increases sales, extends client base, and improves operational processes straight after the launch. Our engineers will keep you ahead of the competition so you can focus more on the strategic processes.

Online Booking And Reservation

Optimize revenue across all distribution channels with on-demand reservation or in-advance booking applications. With our smart e-commerce and distribution technologies, we can build a booking system that is easy to use and manage daily.

Ready To Transform Your Idea Into Marketplace Application?

Crack The Code To Exponential Growth

As a seller, you should always be looking for extra channels and working non-stop to find new ways to delight them. Building an online marketplace can become your next big step. When we create online marketplaces, we focus on the requirements and strategies of our clients so we can pick the right technologies that will serve them now and bring even more value in the future.
Serving Various Business Models

Building a market requires a specific approach, in part because this product must appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders – B2B, B2C, and C2C at the same time. The key to success is meeting the needs and expectations of everybody. We can make it happen.

Monetization Strategy

Each marketplace requires a revenue-generating monetization model that is both efficient and democratic. Whether it is a one-time payment, a subscription, or a percentage of each transaction, we’ll help you choose the method that is best suited to your particular audience.

Growth Hacking

Custom marketplaces can handle a large number of listings and an increasing number of customers, which is vital to your growth. We will enhance it with third-party integrations and rich functionality to help you increase your audience and generate more business.

Closing The Supply-Demand Gap

Developing a multi-vendor platform is a great way to access more opportunities for faster growth in new service areas. If there is a specific niche where you see a gap in supply, or if there is one with little adoption by international players, you can give it a boost with our help.

Why Choose ORIL As Your Software Development Partner?

Proven Experience

Our engineers create high-performing solutions that help businesses automate operations, save costs, and gain substantial financial benefits. With years of experience developing software specifically for E-commerce, we know how to bring maximum value to our clients.

Alignment With Your Business Needs

Here at ORIL, we follow some of the most efficient industry practices. We use Agile methodology for working on client projects, so regular code reviews, continuous integration, and similar practices are integral elements of our workflow.

Clear Communication

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. ORIL development team will inspire you with ideas and offer suggestions on how to improve your product. You will also maintain ongoing communication with everyone helping you meet your business needs.

Technology expertise

We leverage AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, and other cutting-edge technologies to build scalable, future-proof software for marketplace platforms.

Reliability And Information Security

Our solutions are built in compliance with the global online security regulations, and further enhanced with data encryption, tokenization, and blockchain technologies to keep your business data safe and secure.

Building Solutions That Work


A mobile app for online sneaker auctions where you can buy and place bids to participate and claim a reward in the loyalty section. Bid small and win big.

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Real Estate Bidding Platform

The company offers a PropTech service that transparently connects all parties in a real estate transaction to attract better offers and quicker closings. They provide a user-friendly service that modernizes the home buying and selling experience by allowing sellers to interact and manage home sales directly via a web-based platform.

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Real Estate Bidding Platform

Match Your Need

A generosity marketplace that makes matched between those with a need and those who can help based on multiple criteria, including user preferences and geography.

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Match Your Need


A platform that provides hospitality owners real-time information of their service staff and allows service staff to connect with all the guests that they serve.



A platform that curates the entrepreneurial landscape, providing exceptional founders with 360° insight into the connections most worth their time.



Switzerland's first car leasing comparison service and the digital car marketplace of the future. Find the right leasing deal and apply online, saving you time and money.

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