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ORIL’s deep technology and domain knowledge allows you to rely on us to deliver a great technological solution while you can continue focusing on your business.

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About Us - ORIL

About Us

ORIL is an experienced software development and design agency that enables companies in PropTech, FinTech, HealthTech and other industries on their way to deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use digital products.

We build solutions focused on business results and help you gain an advantage over your competitors. As a multidisciplinary team, we apply various tech skills and domain business expertise to deliver quality digital products that are accessible to every user and bring maximum value to the business.

Our services include full product lifecycle: ideation and business analysis, product strategy, architecture, UX/UI design, application development, iterative product growth and scaling, maintenance and long term support.

Services We Deliver

UX/UI Design.

Intuitive design is vital for the success of any digital product. You can improve conversions with the help of our UI/UX design and development services ‒ by turning complex interactions into simple flows.

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Product Development.

ORIL develops secure, robust, and scalable solutions across multiple industries. From market research and design to development, launch, and support, we provide full-cycle product development services.

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IoT Development.

We provide a full spectrum of services: design, development, and launching the connected IoT solutions. We believe that the future holds big promise for IoT and companies embracing it!

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Digital Transformation.

The modern world offers unique strategic opportunities for lots of businesses. The key is to capture the ones that matter most and execute them. Digital transformation will completely shift the way you deliver value to customers, solve problems, and support your team.

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Dedicated teams.

Extend your development capabilities with proficient ORIL specialists. Leverage their high-level expertise and tech skills to scale your business.

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Quick numbers

50+ Digital products delivered
2015 Start operation
60+ Experts in our team
2y Average client engagement


Maria Synenka - Project Manager
Maria Synenka Project Manager
I've been working at this company for more than three years. There was an ocean of pleasant moments here. Emotions are the most memorable. Either the ones when the Client's project yields results, and you hear plenty of gratitude to the team. Or the ones when you realize that you are in the same boat with amazing people doing their best to build fabulous products.
Eugenii Samarskyi - Software Engineer
Eugenii Samarskyi Software Engineer
I've been working at ORIL for around five years already. What made me think I've chosen the right company to work at? Well, that's the thought that I want to be a part of the ORIL team till I reach retirement age. What I like most about working here is that we have all the right players on the team, and they are amazing people.

Our Values

Be a part of solution

Be proactive, not reactive! Act on a situation early before it becomes an issue. Offer solutions and make decisions instead of putting a spotlight on emerging problems.

Keep exploring

Make the light of curiosity shine forever! Grow your expertise. Become a better specialist every single day to build digital products that exceed expectations and disrupt industries.

Make the team your greatest asset

Your team is all you have. Everything we do in our work is created by our teammates. Nothing comes close to having an efficient, creative and collaborative team

Prioritize time

Time is the most valuable asset, it is a non-renewable resource, so treat it with utmost care. Be focused on things that have the greatest value to the team and the client. Do important tasks first, then move to others.

Create limit-breaking products

Strive to create AMAZING products. Greatness is encoded in the DNA of the ORIL team. When good is not enough for you, you welcome are to join us.
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Lauren Kuntz Greenvision

Lauren Kuntz

CEO, GreenVision

Nir Gabriel Bloods AI

Nir Gabriel

Co-Founder, Bloods AI

Sean Lozano

Sean Lozano


Steeven Moore PlusDelta

Steven Moore

CEO, PlusDelta

Darya Paplevkina

Darya Paplevkina

Senior Operations Manager at Rice to Riches

Dom Propati ViaTouch Media

Domenick Propati

CSO, ViaTouch Media