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Spring Boot with Hazelcast

Have you ever faced with slow performance of your application? Have you ever thought of the way to boost your Spring app? If so — then this article...
Ihor Kosandyak
3 min read

Spring Boot + GraphQL + MongoDB

If you read this article, than you probably heard about GraphQL. Here we will speak about how to create simple Spring Boot API with GraphQL and MongoDB. GraphQL — is...
Ihor Kosandyak
6 min read

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Microservices with Java. Quick Start. Part 1

Hi everyone! In this article we will create the simple Spring Cloud Project ready to start and work! Day by day, often and often you can...
Ihor Kosandyak
5 min read

Spring Boot Quick Start!

This is a short guide about how to start your first Spring Boot Application. Hi all! This guide provides a sample of creating your...
Ihor Kosandyak
4 min read