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As the QA Team Lead at ORIL, I am responsible for the management and training of the QA specialists. Together, we develop testing strategies and plans aimed at ensuring the reliability of our technology products. We make it a priority to implement up-to-date testing methodologies and use advanced technologies to make our tests both current and effective. One of my notable contributions to ORIL is the successful development and implementation of an automated testing system. Built on technologies such as Java, Rest-Assured, Selenide, Selenoid, and JUnit5, this system has significantly improved the quality of our products and streamlined the development process. We remain committed to refining our processes, creating high-quality products, and meeting the requirements of our clients and users to the best of our ability.
Expertise: Java, Rest-Assured, Selenide, Selenoid, JUnit5

Articles by Oleksii

UI Testing with Selenide

Ensuring your applications work flawlessly is non-negotiable in software development. Poor software quality costs US companies over $2.08 trillion annually due to defects and bugs — impacting businesses across industries. But fear not! We’re here to introduce you to Selenide, a dependable tool for UI testing. Selenide simplifies the complexities of testing, making the process […]

Oleksii Driuk

15 Jan, 2024 · 5 min read

API Testing with Rest-Assured

What is API Testing? API Testing is a type of software testing aimed at verifying the functionality and reliability of an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs are crucial as they define the methods through which different components of an application can communicate, allowing for data exchange and function sharing. During the API testing process, requests […]

Oleksii Driuk

29 Oct, 2023 · 6 min read