Transportation And Automotive

We develop custom software for the transportation and automotive sectors, improving efficiency and connectivity to ensure cost-effective and timely deliveries.

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Technology-Driven Applications for Transportation and Automotive

Lease And Sell Marketplace

Create marketplaces for vehicle leasing and sales with user-friendly interfaces, advanced search, and reliable payments.

Fleet Management Systems

Optimize fleet performance with vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, and fuel management.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Enhance supply chain operations with tools for inventory tracking, order management, and route planning.

Custom Dealer Management System (DMS)

Streamline dealership operations with tools for lead, inventory, and transaction management, along with documentation and contract processes.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Implement advanced traffic management, road safety solutions, and smart city integrations with data analytics and IoT technologies.

Ride Booking And Management

Implement solutions for efficient vehicle booking and rental management, improving fleet control and customer experience.

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Empowering Automotive and Transportation Businesses with Advanced Technology

At ORIL, we have expertise in integrating the latest technologies into your business workflows. We also create robust software for the automotive and transportation sectors. Our successes in other projects mean you can rely on us to add value to your business
API-Based Architecture

Optimize your tech stack with integrated services and applications, boosting team efficiency and productivity.

AI-Powered Enhancements

Utilize AI for advanced route optimization, intelligent ride planning, and accurate data-driven predictions.

Integration Services

Consolidate your diverse operations into one unified platform, enhancing efficiency and performance across your business.

Analytics And Reporting

Laverage advanced analytics for deep insights into transactions, deals, and user activities.

Payment Processing

Streamline payment processes with diverse services, facilitating easier transactions for your business and customers.

Digital Document Processing

Transition to digital documentation with e-signatures, file management, and access control, elevating document management standards.

Why We are Your Trusted Partner

Smooth Integrations With Third-Party Services

We ensure seamless integration with a range of services, from payment systems to DMS, tailored for transportation needs.

Industry Expertise

Our team offers deep expertise in the automotive and transportation sectors, delivering high-value custom platforms.

Innovative Designs

The software we develop features the latest design trends, helping your business stand out with modern, engaging app designs.

Open Communication

We focus on regular updates, ensuring you’re always informed about your project’s status. Our partnerships are based on clarity and transparency.

Technology Expertise

At ORIL, we uses the latest technologies to develop software that is adaptable and relevant for the evolving needs of the transportation and automotive industries.

Reliability And Information Security

We prioritize strong security measures, including encryption and careful data processing, to safeguard your data’s integrity and ensure our services’ reliability.

We Build Solutions That Accelerate Businesses

Automatic Web Platform

Automatic platform is a paradigm shift for used car financing companies and auto dealerships, which streamlines the entire loan process, helps dealerships boost vehicle sales by reducing the funding and titling, and maintains transparency at every step.

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Automatic Web Platform

Medical Transportation Platform

Technology platform that connects health organizations and transportation companies to provide comprehensive patient transportation service. The company provides a user-friendly service that is tailored to riders’ needs by building a unique rider profile in order to organize safe and comfortable rides for patients to their places of treatment.

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Medical Transportation Platform


Switzerland's first car leasing comparison service and the digital car marketplace of the future. Find the right leasing deal and apply online, saving you time and money.

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