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Web application


6 experts: 3 software engineers, a UI/UX Designer, a PM, a QA engineer


1.5 years, ongoing


Healthcare and Transportation


The client reached out to ORIL seeking assistance with creating an application that would reach the next goals:

  • Build an MVP that allows healthcare providers to request transportation rides with special equipment or vehicle type for patients; easily track statuses and be warned in case of any changes on any step of the process.
  • Bring together every party that is involved in non-emergency medical transportation to quickly organize an effective transportation process and deliver comfortable rides for patients.

Our Project Roadmap


01Product Design Phase.

Our team expanded the initial idea of the client and helped to create a clearer picture of the future product. Designers conducted competitor analysis which highlighted the strong sides of the platform and helped clients focus on important features that differentiate their product.


To build an MVP we used the agile methodology with the Scrum framework. Detailed user stories and development plans have been discussed with a product owner on a regular basis to make sure the team is on track. As a result, MVP has been released in a timely manner and met all expectations of the client. The product turned out to be quite complex with many user roles, but quite intuitive as aimed.

03Post MVP, ongoing development.

After the successful MVP release, a set of improvements and useful features have been implemented. The most important ones are adding more flexibility to users, helping administrators control the quality of service, and creating reports for keeping statistical records.

UX Process

ORIL team applied a thoroughly crafted planning and design process called Product Design Phase. This process is designed to maximize chances of delivering a product that satisfies core business objectives and is tuned for end-user’s convenience.
This process includes some of the following activities: competitive analysis, business-product objective prioritization, user flow creation, wireframing and prototyping.

Medical transportation platform

UI Process

ORIL’s design team worked closely with the customer and end users on choosing the right color palette, UI approach and overall look and feel of the product. The final UI design deliverables made a very complex and feature-rich product feel very light, friendly and accessible, while at the same time kept all of the platform functionality available within a few clicks.

Screens TMS 1

Main Features



Transportation companies set the area of operation and other preferences in their profiles and receive only those requests that match their settings. The matching algorithm runs every time preferences are edited and updates the list of pending rides on the dashboard.



The platform asks for any possible feedback looking for new areas of improvement and trying to deliver the best service to riders.


Notifications and Reminders.

Transportation companies receive notifications when new rides are created, everyone gets informed if the ride is canceled by any user of the platform. Riders and their caregivers know when the ride is accepted and when their driver is waiting for them to be picked up. Admins are alerted when rides are not started in time.


Reporting and Analytics.

Available for admins, transportation companies, and healthcare organizations. All users need their own reports and all possible filters make the reporting process quick and easy. A few clicks and downloadable reports are ready.


Customizable settings.

Additional service or vehicle types can be added to the platform any time such a need arises. Once changed in the system, transportation companies will be able to add it to their list of services, and ride request forms will be immediately updated. Admins can set when notifications are being sent to most users and when rides are getting expired in case of transportation companies inactivity separately for each ride type.


ORIL built an elaborate end-to-end platform that helps healthcare providers find and book safe, skilled transportation for people with special needs. The application streamlines laborious paper and phone-driven transportation management processes by connecting healthcare providers directly to compassionate transportation partners who are trained in complex transport such as wheelchair, stretcher, isolation, and assisting patients with door-to-door needs.


ReactJS (Redux)

ReactJS (Redux)

NodeJS (NestJS)

NodeJS (NestJS)





Circle CI

Circle CI



Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Integrations - Google Maps API, Twilio, Zendesk.

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