We develop custom software for the health and fitness industry, enhancing patient care and streamlining operations. Leveraging human-centered digital tools, we create better experiences for patients and providers.

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HealthTech Applications We Develop

Custom Telehealth Systems

Practice remote diagnostics and treatment and connect patients with healthcare providers through your very own custom telehealth software. Our engineers develop innovative HealthTech solutions that empower medical practitioners.

HIPAA Compliant Development

As a software development company working in the HealthTech sector, we stay informed about updates in healthcare regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, and other policies. Our experts will help you make sure that you protect the sensitive information of your clients and meet legal requirements.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Adopting IoT in healthcare can help improve patient care, allow for better medical monitoring, and ensure more effective disease prevention. Our team develops customized IoT systems and wireless medical device for healthcare organizations.

Fitness Club And Gym Management

Build a custom system that will give you full control over every aspect of your business - from online gym scheduling to automated billing. Fitness club management software helps enhance profitability and streamline processes.

Health And Fitness Tracking

We build solutions for activity tracking that optimize workout intensity, and manage training to help users achieve the best results. When synced with wearables and smartphones’ motion sensors, they can provide highly accurate data on the user’s activity.

Sports Coaching Apps

Personal trainer apps act as private gym coaches for their users, making exercise more accessible and convenient. The app functionality is designed to provide a variety of training formats, such as video, textual information, or 3D modeling.

Ready To Transform Your Idea Into HealthTech Application?

Innovation-Driven Approach For Exceptional Healthcare

Would you like to unlock new possibilities and make your organization future-proof? We are ready to help you with all aspects of digital transformation. We build healthcare platforms based on the latest security practices, enriching them with automated data collection and AI-powered functionality. With custom software that attends to their needs, medical practitioners and healthcare organizations can greatly simplify their processes, cut costs, and improve patient experiences.
Custom API Integrations

From cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions and complex medical systems to IoT and online payment processing, we integrate different functions into one infrastructure. You can also get real-time access and round-the-clock availability to all critical patient information and financial records.

Secure Data Processing

Businesses and providers of healthcare services must adhere to high-profile security standards. No matter whether third-party integrations are used, we ensure the protection of sensitive data from cyber-attacks and system failures. Utmost security is ensured by innovative software design, penetration testing, and other security protocols.

Advanced Analytics

Easy access to reliable and accurate information saves lives. Healthcare providers can make informed and timely decisions for patient care with advanced analytics tools. Your very own solution will be able to interpret massive amounts of various data inputs, including patient demographics, lab results, and more.

Why Choose ORIL As Your Software Development Partner?

Proven Experience

Our engineers create high-performing solutions that help businesses automate operations, save costs, and gain substantial financial benefits. With years of experience developing software specifically for HealthTech, we know how to bring maximum value to our clients.

Alignment With Your Business Needs

Here at ORIL, we follow some of the most efficient industry practices. We use Agile methodology for working on client projects, so regular code reviews, continuous integration, and similar practices are integral elements of our workflow.

Trustful Communication

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. ORIL development team will inspire you with ideas and offer suggestions on how to improve your product. You will also maintain ongoing communication with everyone helping you meet your business needs.

Technology Expertise

We utilize AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud and other latest technologies to develop scalable and future-proof software for health and fitness businesses.

Reliability And Information Security

Our solutions are built in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other policies. Also, we further enhance security with data encryption, tokenization, and blockchain technologies to keep your business safe and reliable.

Building Solutions That Work

LUCA App (Medibio)

Medibio is a mental health technology company pioneering the use of objective measures to aid in the early detection and screening of mental health conditions. They offer mental wellbeing solutions for individuals through their new consumer app, LUCA and for businesses through our Corporate Health product, Ilumen. Medibio is also developing products to serve the healthcare provider market.

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LUCA App (Medibio)

Hypermedica telehealth platform

Hypermedica is an all-in-one telehealth collaboration platform designed to make healthcare providers work better and more efficiently.

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Hypermedica telehealth platform

Medical Transportation Platform

Technology platform that connects health organizations and transportation companies to provide comprehensive patient transportation service. The company provides a user-friendly service that is tailored to riders’ needs by building a unique rider profile in order to organize safe and comfortable rides for patients to their places of treatment.

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Medical Transportation Platform


Book fitness classes, register for events, create challenges, and track your fitness activity - all in one application, that brings fitness enthusiasts, wellness and health clubs together in a brand new way.



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