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Rentometer chose ORIL as a tech partner to develop a new “Batch Processor” tool for their customers. The tool would allow “low tech” users to make a “system to system” connection to Rentometer and automatically submit multiple properties to Rentometer’s “rent analysis engine” in a single batch.

Our Project Roadmap


01Product Design.

The project kicked off with ORIL's in-depth analysis of Rentometer's current offerings to understand user needs and business objectives. This stage was crucial for designing an interface that's both intuitive and accessible to users with varying tech skills, setting a strong foundation for the tools to come.

02MVP Development and Launch.

Next, the team focused on creating the Batch Processor Tool as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for internal use. This tool was designed to quickly process a large volume of addresses, with a special emphasis on creating a user-friendly interface and experience. The successful development and launch of the MVP demonstrated ORIL's ability to deliver practical and efficient solutions promptly.

03Growth and Scaling.

After the MVP, the project expanded. MongoDB was integrated to improve data management, supporting the application's scalability. New tools, including the Rent Comp Tool and the GPR Calculator, were introduced to enhance Rentometer's services with features like detailed rental comparisons and income potential calculations. Despite some tools being paused for further optimization, the ongoing development of V2 of the app, showcased ORIL's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

UX Process

The ORIL team applied a thoroughly crafted planning and design process called Product Design Phase. This process is designed to maximize chances of delivering a product that satisfies core business objectives and is tuned for end-user’s convenience.
This process includes some of the following activities: competitive analysis, business-product objective prioritization, user flow creation, wireframing and prototyping.

Rentometer Batch Processor Application

UI Process

ORIL’s designer worked closely with the customer and end users on choosing the right color palette, UI approach and overall look and feel of the product. The final UI design deliverables made a very complex and feature-rich product feel very light, friendly and accessible, while at the same time kept all of the platform functionality available within a few clicks.

UI Components Rentometer 1
Screens Rentometer 1

Apps and Tools

Batch Processor Tool
The Batch Processor Tool stands out for its ability to swiftly analyze multiple property addresses, delivering quick insights on rental rates for up to 500 properties at once.. Its design prioritizes ease of use, making complex bulk address analysis accessible to users at any tech skill level.
WordPress Blog
The WordPress Blog offers valuable information, including insights, tips, and articles on real estate and property management. It's not just educational—it also encourages community interaction through discussions, making it a must-visit site for anyone interested in the rental market.
Rent Comp Report Tool (All Addresses)
RentComps makes it easy to get detailed rent comparisons. With a wide range of addresses, you can quickly see how rental prices vary by location. Its simple navigation also makes it straightforward to create and understand these reports.
Compare My Rent
Compare My Rent is a user-friendly tool that allows for a quick assessment of how a property's rent stacks up against the market. By entering simple property details, users receive immediate rent comparison reports, aiding in rent negotiations and housing decisions with solid, data-driven insights.
GPR Calculator (Gross Potential Rent)
The GPR Calculator is a vital tool for property owners who want to estimate their investment's gross potential rent. It simplifies financial forecasting into a user-friendly format, allowing anyone to understand potential income calculations, even without a deep financial background.


ORIL developed a simple stand-alone web application for real estate market research that connects to the main API and allows quick analysis of the whole address batch. It can be easily incorporated into the webpage and offers a convenient flow to users.








Integrations - Rentometer API


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