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5 experts: 2 full-stack developers, a designer, a PM, a tech lead


1 year


PropTech, GreenTech


The client wanted to create an online tool that anyone can use to learn about the energy system and design their carbon-free world. The client approached ORIL to help them achieve their goals:

  • Build a user-friendly web platform that will guide users through the path to a more environment-friendly energy future and lower our carbon footprint
  • Create an algorithm that calculates the amount and type of energy required to supply the user’s household electricity

Our Project Roadmap



We made an interactive and user-friendly app that reveals the environmental impacts and costs of energy consumption. Our UX specialists created a simple user flow involving only five steps to see the results. We chose green, white and black colors and used them for our visual app design.


We built the platform from the ground up in 6 months. On the backend, there was mathematical modeling for how to determine the capacity requirements for any user-defined grid. We turned the formulas provided by the client into an algorithm to build complex logic.


As part of support services, our team has been performing monitoring and alerts processing, incidents and bugs fixing, and standard changes implementation for six months.

UX Process

ORIL team applied a thoroughly crafted planning and design process called Product Design Phase. This process is designed to maximize chances of delivering a product that satisfies core business objectives and is tuned for end-user’s convenience.
This process includes some of the following activities: competitive analysis, business-product objective prioritization, user flow creation, wireframing and prototyping.


UI Process

ORIL’s design team worked closely with the customer and end users on choosing the right color palette, UI approach and overall look and feel of the product. The final UI design deliverables made a very complex and feature-rich product feel very light, friendly and accessible, while at the same time kept all of the platform functionality available within a few clicks.

GreenVision screens web 1

Mobile-friendly Design

Green Vision web app

Main Features

Off-grid home calculator.
This feature allows users to determine the capacity requirements of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar to achieve a certain level of renewable penetration in the US grid. Plus, they can calculate the amount and type of energy they need to supply households.
Tool for designing carbon-free energy systems.
The website offers users to interactively develop system solutions for their houses by adding a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, and battery packs or by choosing one of them. Users can set and inspect their energy goals and design a system that meets those goals. It aims to help people think through some of the decisions and trade-offs they can make to build a carbon-free electric grid.
Monthly electric bill.
Users can calculate their monthly electric bill based on the sources and system components they choose. The main idea is to see the cost difference between using traditional and alternative energy sources.


  • Our platform serves as a promotion tool for carbon-free energy resources at seminars and conferences
  • 1000+ informed households
  • 1 goal – to reach a carbon-free future and save the planet











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Lauren Kuntz

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