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The client had a vision of enabling people to take products from a shelf and examine them before making a purchase. Hence, they approached ORIL to create a hybrid Android and iOS mobile app for interacting with their IoT vending machines. They wanted an application to incorporate:

  • A reward program to boost user engagement with an app
  • Ability to locate vending machines using an interactive map
  • Provide receipts of purchases made at the VICKI machine
  • Identity verification

Our Project Roadmap



As this was a one-of-a-kind project, our team studied requirements to understand the client’s mobile app concept and desired app usage. After identifying the project scope, we built a mobile application that included essential features like registration, account settings, a QR code scanner, and interactive maps with kiosks. We created an intuitive app flow that allowed non-technical users to search and get directions to local VICKI machines.

02VICKI Rewards 2.0.

ORIL enhanced the mobile solution by adding a user ID verification feature. Plus, we created an effective loyalty system to build customer retention among buyers.

03Mobile Shop.

Our team developed a simple yet elegant user interface to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. The application offers a wide range of high-quality products and the best deals to meet customers’ needs. Additionally, we redesigned the UI of the VICKI machines map to smoothen the search process for users.

UX Process

ORIL team applied a thoroughly crafted planning and design process called Product Design Phase. This process is designed to maximize chances of delivering a product that satisfies core business objectives and is tuned for end-user’s convenience.
This process includes some of the following activities: competitive analysis, business-product objective prioritization, user flow creation, wireframing and prototyping.

VICKI Rewards IoT mobile app

UI Process

ORIL’s design team worked closely with the customer and end users on choosing the right color palette, UI approach and overall look and feel of the product. The final UI design deliverables made a very complex and feature-rich product feel very light, friendly and accessible, while at the same time kept all of the platform functionality available within a few clicks.


Main Features


User verification.

Buyers can become verified through the app. The program requires users to provide either a State ID or State Driver’s License. Once their photo ID matches their payment information and biometric data, buyers are verified.


VICKI machines map.

A map displays local VICKI kiosks based on the user’s geolocation. The integration with Google Maps made it possible to create directions to the nearest VICKI machines easily.


FaceID and FingerID login.

Users can create an account by using face and finger recognition technology. The application leverages the smartphone's capabilities to authenticate users via finger and face.


Customizable shop at hand.

This in-app’s feature allows shoppers to examine, buy and reserve food and higher ticket items available at VICKI kiosks. Moreover, users can customize products by selecting different tastes and ingredients.


Loyalty program.

Every time customers access the VICKI kiosks, they get VICKI Reward Points (VRP). A VICKI kiosk reads a QR code generated by the app and applies the earned points to the customer’s purchase. Furthermore, the mobile application allows activating promotions to receive even more VRP. Thus, our loyalty program boosts customer retention and increases engagement.


Push notifications.

Customers receive messages on the availability of the preordered products.


QR code scanner.

Customers can pay and access products at any VICKI machine by scanning a code using the app’s scanner. This feature saves time and enables buyers to make quick payments.


  • AI-powered intelligent item purchase detection
  • A cross-platform app that renders UX and performance close to native apps
  • +70% engagement led by a reward system








Google Maps

Google Maps

Integrations - Push Notifications / Credit card scanner / QR scanner / PDF generator / fingerprint scanner


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