Designing Ideas Into Market-Ready Products

We aim to create engaging designs that not only resonate with your target audience but also foster enduring business partnerships.

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Your Strategic Advantages

Our expertise in product strategy and design can transform your ideas into market-ready products. Our strategy is about staying in tune with market trends and user tastes, ensuring your product stands out in the competition and drives your business forward.


Custom Solutions For Impactful Results

We create custom software that directly addresses your business requirements. Our product strategy and design services are aimed at directly contributing to your growth objectives.


Innovative Design For Future Needs

We prioritize innovative design to ensure your software both meets current requirements and is also adaptable for future challenges. Our design strategy is aimed at creating user-friendly and sustainable software solutions.

Product Strategy and Design Process


This initial phase involves understanding your project’s scope, goals, and market environment. We engage in deep analysis to ensure a solid foundation for the strategy.

Product Strategy

We define the product’s roadmap and key objectives. This stage is crucial for aligning the product with business goals and market needs.

Design Phase

Our focus shifts to crafting user-centric designs. This involves creating intuitive interfaces that enhance user experience and engagement.


We develop a robust technical architecture, ensuring the scalability and performance of the product.

Development Roadmap

The final stage involves planning the product development process and outlining timelines and milestones for efficient execution.

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Design Phase Outcomes

Product Design Roadmap

It outlines the entire strategy and design process, providing a clear guide from start to finish.

Value Proposition Canvas

This deliverable captures the core business objectives, systematically outlining key value elements.

Job Stories

These provide a structured view of the features, showing how they can be enhanced in various scenarios.

User Flow Diagrams

Maps user interactions with system components. They are crucial for creating unique and detailed elements.


Offers a layout for each system component, allowing for rapid iteration and solution refinement.

UI Design

Focuses on making the product visually appealing and user-friendly.

Creating User-Focused Experiences

LUCA App (Medibio)

Medibio is a mental health technology company pioneering the use of objective measures to aid in the early detection and screening of mental health conditions. They offer mental wellbeing solutions for individuals through their new consumer app, LUCA and for businesses through our Corporate Health product, Ilumen. Medibio is also developing products to serve the healthcare provider market.

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LUCA App (Medibio)


A mobile app for online sneaker auctions where you can buy and place bids to participate and claim a reward in the loyalty section. Bid small and win big.

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Automatic Web Platform

Automatic platform is a paradigm shift for used car financing companies and auto dealerships, which streamlines the entire loan process, helps dealerships boost vehicle sales by reducing the funding and titling, and maintains transparency at every step.

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Automatic Web Platform

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