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ORIL Front-end Digest (July 2020)

ORIL Front-end Digest (June 2020)

General Top 10 Software Development Trends for 2020 You Need to Know How to Set Up Your MacBook for Web Development in 2020 10 Things Every Programmer Should Know Testing Strategies for Front-End Developers A Code Review Checklist to Focus on the Important Parts If You Want to Be a Senior Developer, Stop Focusing on […]

Volodymyr Padovskiy

3 Jun, 2020 · < 1 min read

How to Create a Real Estate Listing Platform

Home prices soared, buyer demand raised, and mortgage interest rates hit record lows. One of the reasons for all of this beyond the COVID-19 pandemic is technology acceleration. This factor doesn’t get the headlines but also makes a noticeable difference in the US housing market. Digital closings, remote mortgage approvals, and real estate listing platforms […]

Roman Havrylyuk

6 Dec, 2021 · 16 min read

Spring Boot with Hazelcast

Have you ever faced with slow performance of your application? Have you ever thought of the way to boost your Spring app? If so — then this article is definitely for you. Here we will speak about using super powerful and leading in-memory data grid that may increase your app performance! So let’s jump into […]

Ihor Kosandyak

5 Sep, 2018 · 4 min read