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2 experts: Software Engineer and Project Manager


1.5 months


PropTech, Hospitality, Travel


The client reached out to ORIL with the aim to obtain a new website within the framework of the rebranding campaign. The client strived to get:

  • A responsive website that would flawlessly work on any device
  • An intuitive and user-friendly website that would be easy for users to navigate
  • A catchy website that conveys the vibe and status of the resort



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Our Project Roadmap



To make sure that we had a clear understanding on the website idea, we conducted a series of meetings with the client focusing on defining the requirements.The client provided us with a detailed company information and introduced the website concept, based on which we set the milestones and requirements, including the project timeline team composition, website pages and functionality.

02Project Planning

At ORIL, we use the Agile methodology for project management. It allows us to stay flexible and makes the delivery process much easier and faster. We analyzed the scope of work and divided the website development into sprints. During our sprint planning meetings, we discussed the goals for the upcoming sprints with the client.


To deliver the website for the resort, ORIL involved a team consisting of a Software Engineer, a Project Manager, and an Account Manager. According to the pre-defined project plan, the entire website development process was broken into several iterations. The website was built using WordPress technology. By the end of the project, we made sure the website had been launched successfully.

Main Features

We built the resort website optimized for mobile, desktop, and other devices. In that way, we ensured that all website elements were adequately displayed, no matter the gadget or browser.
Flawlessly operating.
We blended unrivaled design with a non-user interface code to provide a seamless user experience for all website visitors. The balance of captivating outline and flawless web execution manifests the client's vision of the go-to luxury resort, which has resulted in improved conversion rates.
ORIL has built the website with well-planned sections, making the information easy to access.
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ORIL matched the client with a dedicated and experienced team of a Software Engineer, a Project Manager, and an Account Manager. Our specialists considered the client’s vision and requirements. They made valuable suggestions on the simplification and functionality of the website, which enabled us to cut the final project cost and build the site according to the best market practices.

  • The website was launched on time
  • The website conversion rates increased
  • The client has successfully implemented the rebranding campaign





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Daniella Gallego

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