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As the QA Engineer at ORIL, my primary responsibility is ensuring our products' quality and reliability through meticulous testing and thorough documentation. I conduct detailed manual testing of code changes to verify they meet our team's stringent standards and fulfill user requirements. Also, I identify and document reproducible defects. I create and maintain comprehensive testing documentation, which ensures consistency in our testing process and serves as a reference for future testing efforts. By actively participating in refining our QA processes, I continuously evaluate our testing methodologies and incorporate feedback to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our quality assurance practices. I work closely with developers to resolve issues in our applications, ensuring problems are addressed swiftly and effectively, thus maintaining the quality and functionality of our products. Combining technical expertise, attention to detail, and a collaborative spirit, I strive to deliver top-notch products that meet the needs of our clients and users.
Expertise: Postman, Chrome DevTools, SQL, Xcode, VirtualBox, Selenium, WebDriver

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How does the QA Engineer use Dev Tools in testing the web applications?

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Volodymyr Shubin

6 Jun, 2024 · 6 min read