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Design that works is design that clearly lays out solutions for user needs. This is achieved through methodical research, prototyping, and testing. Add to this our knowledge of usability heuristics and other psychological principles, and we’ll make sure that your product is ready for market!

Research Driven by human-centered design approach, we translate clients’ product ideas into design patterns that are intuitive and highly complementary to existing user behaviour
Best Practices We prioritize our design work based on product roadmaps, then follow Agile methodologies and design sprints to provide just-in-time delivery of concepts that are ready for programming
Integration Because we design around user needs, rather than just product features, we’re prepared to create solutions spanning any combination of web, desktop, mobile, smartwatch, and IoT applications
Users' Feedback We believe that measured investment into usability testing throughout the design phase is crucial. Doing so before moving on to development leads to less re-work and a greater chance of success after launch

Our Process

Our practical approach to product design pulls heavily from tried-and-true methodologies. Due to the heavily streamlined process we’ve internalized, our team is able to focus its efforts on what matters most: your product

1. Analyze

We lay out and analyze the specific solutions that need to be designed for specific user needs. To accomplish this, we look at any existing products and user engagement metrics, conduct customer persona interviews, and create user maps, among other things

2. Wireframe & Test

Based off our research, we lay out basic designs for the solution’s most important flows. Quickly creating low fidelity wireframes allows us to rapidly assess weak points when testing the designs with real customers or customer personas

3. Prototype & Implement

Based on our usability testing results, we create high fidelity prototypes with all supporting flows, empty states, and error messsages. We then document the functionality, if needed, and work with the engineers to ensure that the designs are implemented correctly


All clients receive full access to the design files and supporting work created throughout our collaboration together

deliv-uiUI Designs

Final UI designs are delivered via Zeplin, which makes it even easier to coordinate with front end engineers

deliv-guideUI Style Guides

We create style guides and design libraries in Sketch to ensure consistency across all future designs

deliv-artefactsUX Artefacts

Results from our UX work, such as customer journey mapping and usability testing, are all provided in their respective file formats

deliv-prototypeInteractive Prototypes

We load our prototypes into services like ProtoPie and Invision to simulate how the app would behave once developed

deliv-brandLogotype & Brand Identity

The logos and visual brand identities that we create are often delivered alongside our style guides

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